Blak Forest 20th Anniversary limited edition release!

So glad to announce the 20th anniversary of Blak Forest’ debut album “you are now entering…”. Took about 7 months going through old master tapes and hunting down alternate versions, etc. We even got a 2017 Exclusive remix from none other than DJ Rhettmatic! Preview above and hit that pre-order link!  Also, a very rare cd pressing is coming soon (only 100 copies will be made available for sale!).

Vol. 01 Limited Run CD’s have arrived!

Ahhh… the feeling of holding a physical printed copy of something you created. I haven’t felt this in quite a while. This run is very limited, get the physical copy by clicking the bandcamp player below, or you can get the download for FREE!

wiz1derland Vol. 01 is here!

Hyped to announce the release of Vol. 01 in a series of many to come….
Download for free, or get a Limited run CD…

The Chronicles Of Viktor

So back in July i was on 2dopeboyz and came across a post where somebody was putting together a DOOM inspired beat tape, and asking for submissions.

I figured, what the hell, i got hard drives of stuff, so i sent a couple in, and 2 got placed on there. Peep #5 and #88. There’s quite a few dope cats on there too, so browse through it…
The Chronicles of Viktor: The MF’in Doom Beat Tape

or go straight to that fire…

tHE fUTURE oF fRESH has arrived!

The SP-500 is completed and available for public consumption. Just over 6 months from concept to mastering. Hope you enjoy it.

Here are the links, it’s available at all your favorite spots:






Oh, that funk…

So i joined twitter about 3-4 months ago, and came across this cat named @DaMFunK. (DaMFunK’s Tumblr page). I grew up in L.A. in the 80’s, and know my way around the funk spectrum, dj’ing from ’81 til about ’91. I was amazed at how this cat definitely rides for the funk, so I asked around, and this dude is 100%. I started checking out different tweets and links and that there is a nice “modern funk” scene alive and well, and it inspired me to do this…..

That felt good… maybe I’ll do a funk project soon?