tHE fUTURE oF fRESH has arrived!

The SP-500 is completed and available for public consumption. Just over 6 months from concept to mastering. Hope you enjoy it.

Here are the links, it’s available at all your favorite spots:






SP-500 1st single is up!

Excited to announce that the 1st single from a project I am involved in, is out! Group name is SP-500, and they are on a serious space mission!

Feel free to get the single for free here:

Oh, that funk…

So i joined twitter about 3-4 months ago, and came across this cat named @DaMFunK. (DaMFunK’s Tumblr page). I grew up in L.A. in the 80’s, and know my way around the funk spectrum, dj’ing from ’81 til about ’91. I was amazed at how this cat definitely rides for the funk, so I asked around, and this dude is 100%. I started checking out different tweets and links and that there is a nice “modern funk” scene alive and well, and it inspired me to do this…..

That felt good… maybe I’ll do a funk project soon?

f*ck kickstarter!

Just kidding… (i didn’t know weeeeee were supposed to send the traffic there…) anyway, if that doesn’t go through, then it will be a VERY limited edition cd, maybe 300! In the meantime, let me embed the promo video for this project for you, and I will explain more as we get closer…..


Welcome Kickstarter Fam!

We (@3irdroc and myself), just got our project approved to go up on Kickstarter is a funding site that is powered by donations from people that believe in your project, and they donate $$ to help complete it. We have a 30 day campaign, and are attempting to raise 2200.00 to press up a limited edition cd, as well as some posters. You can check out the site and find out more about the SP-500 project on Kickstarter.

Bear with me…

Decided to re-design and update the site. I will be populating the other pages (about, discogrpahy, etc), over the next month or so. I’m deep in the wordpress forums asking coding questions and stuff, soooo (that banner at the top with image maps was a doosie!) Feel free to follow on twitter in the meantime, @wiz1der


Let’s go! So excited to have just completed the last final mix on an upcoming project called SP-500. Album will be titled “The Future of Fresh”, and be released in May 2012. The concept is based around a really deep space theme, on many levels. Time and space are one and the same. Future! All sounds on the project are synthetic, and heavily processed and regenerated through many processors. Hit the twitter on the right and follow for more info!