Blak Forest 20th Anniversary limited edition release!

So glad to announce the 20th anniversary of Blak Forest’ debut album “you are now entering…”. Took about 7 months going through old master tapes and hunting down alternate versions, etc. We even got a 2017 Exclusive remix from none other than DJ Rhettmatic! Preview above and hit that pre-order link! ¬†Also, a very rare cd pressing is coming soon (only 100 copies will be made available for sale!).

Vol. 01 Limited Run CD’s have arrived!

Ahhh… the feeling of holding a physical printed copy of something you created. I haven’t felt this in quite a while. This run is very limited, get the physical copy by clicking the bandcamp player below, or you can get the download for FREE!

wiz1derland Vol. 01 is here!

Hyped to announce the release of Vol. 01 in a series of many to come….
Download for free, or get a Limited run CD…

Ooh wee! – The Akai MPC Renaissance

I feel blessed to be one of the first to get my hands on the new Akai MPC Renaissance. Having owned nearly every MPC since the 60 when it first came out, this new model does not dissappoint. It’s heavy and solid, and feels like an MPC, not a toy controller. I won’t lie, the software is a little sluggish, but they are already working on the update. The MPC workflow is defnitely there though, an even though I’ve been on the Maschine for the past year and a half, I was instantly at home on the Ren.

How did I get a hold of one when they’re sold out everywhere, you ask? My man DJ Rhettmatic hooked me up with Omer Saar over at Guitar Center Pro, who helped me score this, and gave a super DISCOUNT on top of that! If you need any gear hookups, get with Omer, and tell him wiz1 sent you and he will defnitely take care of you.

Coming sooner than you think….

I’ve decided to start a new series of musical adventures. I texted one of the most creative people I have ever known, James Kelly, whom you may know as LMNO, and asked if he could help me think of a title for the series… something fitting since he knows my aesthetic (we go waaaaay back). Not even 45 seconds later, he replied “wiz1derland”. There it is…. Vol. 01 coming soon.

The Chronicles Of Viktor

So back in July i was on 2dopeboyz and came across a post where somebody was putting together a DOOM inspired beat tape, and asking for submissions.

I figured, what the hell, i got hard drives of stuff, so i sent a couple in, and 2 got placed on there. Peep #5 and #88. There’s quite a few dope cats on there too, so browse through it…
The Chronicles of Viktor: The MF’in Doom Beat Tape

or go straight to that fire…

A Truly Historic Night!

I was lucky enough to be one of the people in attendance for the Beat Junkies 20th anniversary celebration and show at the echoplex in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 30th, 2012. I rolled out to L.A. and swooped up the homie Sleeze 1 from the Blak Forest, and we got there early as advised, and just as we thought, parking and the line was a madhouse! We walked right to the front of the line, where we saw the one and only Lord Zen from the Visionaries, who was also on his way in, so we all walked in together. The show and night had a truly historic feel to it. Coming up in the L.A. scene during the same time as these guys, and watching them turn into world class heroes for many up and coming, as well as established dj’s, and witnessing different crew members take countless dj titles through the years, I felt truly blessed to be a part of this thing I belong to called Hip Hop. Setlist pic above courtesy of the almighty DJ Rhettmatic. Big up and congratulations to @BEATJUNKIES @rhettmatic @JRocc @djbabuforeal @djmelod @JRocc @ShortKut @MrChocFan4 @DJDStyles @DJIcyIce & @IAmDJCurse